Snacking may not be a professional sport, but here at Snactiv, we treat snacking with the utmost respect. You can’t just open up a bag and dig in. That’s for amateurs. Snacking to your fullest potential means using tried and true strategies that will help you maximize your snackage. Curious how to snack like a pro? We’ve put together this handy dandy list to make sure you make the most of your snack break, one bite at a time.

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Use Snactiv

Do we even need to say it? Obviously the most important part of snacking is to use Snactiv! Our innovative finger chopsticks attach to your hand and make it so that you’ll never have to worry about Cheeto dust again. Just squeeze your fingers together, reach in for the chip, and voila! You’ve got the perfect snacking tool right at your fingertips. Professional snackers know that it’s an essential utensil to get the most out of every crunch.

Use Real Tableware

It may seem dramatic, but if you’re going to snack, snack right. Don’t just reach into the bag like a heathen! And paper plates or bowls simply won’t do. Take the extra time to pour those chips into a ceramic bowl. Add 60 seconds to your snack prep and lay out your spread onto a glass plate. It takes no time at all and you can have a respectable snacking experience. Indubitably.

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Make your own snack mix

Only expert snackers are onto this quality snacking tip. Sure, we love a good bowl of Chex Mix just like any other snack lover. But imagine a world where every single piece of party mix is chosen by you and you alone. Live your wildest dreams by making your own snack mix yourself! Popcorn, pretzels, Cheez-its, heck add some M&Ms in there while you’re at it. Anything goes and you’ll be more than satisfied with the variety of custom flavors.

Keep snacks within reach

Real snack hackers know that every bag of chips does not belong in the kitchen. You’ve always got to have a secret stash for snacking emergencies. Whether it’s in your desk at work, or in the side table drawer at home, you’ve got to keep them within reach. That way you don’t have to go far to reach for the gold, and you can guarantee there won’t be any pesky roommates or siblings to eat the last of your favorite bag. Just crack open the stash, put on your Snactiv finger chopsticks, and get to grubbing.

Do a drink pairing

To take full advantage of each layer of flavor your snack will be delivering to your taste buds, the proper drink choice must be considered. Wine pairings may be common in fancy restaurants, but which flavor of Mountain Dew goes best with Doritos? These are the REAL questions that need to be considered before you dig in. With Snactiv in one hand, and a wine glass full of Mountain Dew Voltage in the other, you’ll never succumb to amateur snacking again.

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Cue up the episode beforehand

There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to be eating your snack in front of some kind of screen. Maybe you’re taking a break at your laptop in between Zoom meetings. Or maybe you’re settling in for a new episode of your favorite streaming show. Regardless, professional snackers know to get the episode ready before you make the snack. That way you can come back from the kitchen, press play, and immediately get down to business.

Get comfortable

If you’re going to have a snack, make it an experience. The times of hovering over the kitchen counter with a handful of chips must end! Get comfortable on your couch or bed with blankets and pillows. Make sure you’ve got your fluffiest socks on. Maybe even pull out your old faithful Snuggie to go the whole nine yards. That way you can fully indulge in the experience with every chip your Snactiv finger chopsticks bring up to your mouth. Life is short, get comfy.

Make a charcuterie snack board

One of the most buzzworthy foodie trends over the past few years has been the charcuterie board. And Snactiv happens to be the perfect upgrade to your charcuterie experience! You can nibble and nosh without any worries about getting your fingers dirty. Get together your prosciutto, gouda, and almonds… or your Doritos, Cheetos and Fritos… and snack like a professional.

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