If you’re looking for reasons to buy Snactiv finger chopsticks, the snacking tool of the future, there are too many to list. But we’ve managed to narrow it down to our top 10 favorite ways to embrace the clean finger lifestyle. Once you realize how much you can do with squeaky clean fingertips, you’ll never reach your hand directly into a chip bag again!

Get yourself a Snactiv already!


1. Send a Break-Up Text on a Clean Phone Screen

There’s nothing worse than having to break up with someone. Wait, actually, there is something worse. Trying to text “It’s not you, it’s me,” on a greasy phone screen. If you have to bail out of a relationship in the middle of snack time, Snactiv is the utensil for you! Don’t be afraid to keep those Sour Cream & Onion chips coming. You can send off your ex without a crumb of chip dust to distract from your heartbreaking ways.

2. Write a Viral TikTok Song

There’s only one thing stopping you from going viral–snacks, of course! Who can possibly write the next big hit song when your tummy’s grumbling louder than your 808s? Luckily you can compose a masterpiece with Snactiv finger chopsticks right there to help you. It sits right on top of your fingers while you bang out a melody on your piano keyboard and make tweaks on your computer. There’s no stopping you from becoming the next viral sensation when you’ve got Snactiv! Well, nothing other than talent. But we can’t help you with that.

Get yourself a Snactiv already!

3. Test Your Friendships in a Game of Monopoly

Who doesn't love a little friendly competition? Or at least, that’s how it starts. It usually ends with screaming, crying, and blocking your besties on Instagram. But in between, there are snacks. And nobody likes oily fingerprints on the Monopoly money. When you have Snactiv, you can keep your fingers clean while playing the board game of your choice. Even the ones that decimate your relationships with loved ones. Try it today!

4. Rub Your Eyes

It’s a simple task, but it’s absolutely not an option when you have Cheeto dust on your fingers. Or better yet, Hot Cheeto dust. Unless you enjoy having burning eyeballs, using Snactiv is your safest bet. You can rub your eyes, pick your nose, whatever you want! We don’t judge… too hard.

5. Type a School Paper on a Clean Computer Keyboard

Studying and snacks go together like peanut butter and jelly. However peanut butter and jelly are both notoriously sticky food items that will turn your computer into an ant colony’s paradise. If you’re typing a paper and dying for some Reese’s Cups, you’re in luck! Just use these innovative finger chopsticks to have your fix while you write. You can snack your way through the night and get that paper turned in at 11:59pm with ease.

Get yourself a Snactiv already!

6. Hold a Newborn Baby

Babies are known for how clean they are. Their parents work tirelessly to keep them nice and fresh all day long. Now you wouldn’t want to be the monster who gets Hot Cheeto dust on a baby, would you? Use Snactiv and let your loved ones breathe a sigh of relief. Your sister can finally hand over your new nephew knowing there won’t be any crummy handprints left behind to stain his onesie. Do it for the children.

7. Button Mash a Clean Game Controller

There’s nothing that says “I have no idea what I’m doing” than a good ol’ button mash. But sliding your fingers around on a greasy, Dorito dust-filled controller will throw a wrench into your strategy. Use Snactiv while gaming and you can button mash to your heart's content, without crumbs filling up the cracks of your game controller. Clean finger button mashing is the more sophisticated option. So get fancy.

8. Write a New York Times Bestselling Novel

You’re just one step away from writing that bestseller. The only thing stopping you is the bag of chips calling your name from the kitchen! Don’t be afraid to bring the chips over and crunch while you type. Snactiv is the prime snacking tool of people thinking about writing a novel. If you’re also thinking about writing a novel, Snactiv finger chopsticks are for you! You may not get past the cursor blinking on the blank page, but at least you’ll never have to be a starving artist.

Get yourself a Snactiv already!

9. Click “Continue Watching” with a Clean Remote While Binging TV

There is no bigger shame than having Netflix ask you, “Are you still there?” As if the lump of a human covered in blankets and crumbs isn’t completely alive and well. When you use Snactiv, you can confidently pick up that remote control and know it won’t be slathered with chocolatey fingerprints. Binge-watching TV while being a lazy sloth has never been so clean!

10. Read an Internet Addiction Self-Help Book

Imagine a day where you don’t compulsively reach for your phone every 30 seconds. Sound like a dream? Well if you’re on the path to getting internet sober, let Snactiv help! You can sit down with a bowl of popcorn and a book about how your brain has turned to mush from spending too much time on the internet. We can’t promise their steps will work, but we can guarantee you won’t have greasy fingerprints on the pages!

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