There are a million reasons to be on a computer these days. Whether you’re gaming, doing schoolwork, or working from home, it’s inevitable that you’ll be clacking away at your keyboard at some point during your day. Unfortunately, these activities don’t exactly mix with snack time. You’re bound to grab a handful of chips and go directly back to typing, only to find there’s now a layer of chip dust stuck to your fingers. Keeping your hands clean while multi-tasking just isn’t easy!

Luckily, you have another option. Snactiv is the easiest way to keep your fingers clean while typing. This innovative snacking tool comes in handy (literally) as an eating utensil you never have to put down. Just slide on your Snactiv and you’re ready to nibble to your heart’s desire.

You may think you can continue going through life without these ingenious finger chopsticks. You may think there’s no reason to invest in your computer snacking habit. If you’re still not completely convinced, we’ve come up with a few great reasons why you should buy Snactiv and stop eating with your fingers while typing.


1. Better Finger Hygiene

If the world has learned anything over the past few years, it’s that germs are everywhere. Every single surface of your house is covered in bacteria. If you don’t know any better, they can make you super sick! So why chance it? When you’ve got Snactiv, you’ll never have to worry about taking in any of those dirty computer keyboard germs. It’s estimated that computer keyboards can be 20,000x dirtier than a toilet seat. Yes, you read that right. You might actually be better off using a toilet seat as a plate. If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will. And don’t even dare to mention licking your fingers…

2. Use Fewer Napkins

If you eat in front of your computer, you’re destined to run through a ton of napkins. After every journey into the snack bowl you then have to take the time to wipe your fingers on a napkin. Why not just skip the napkins altogether and use Snactiv? These finger chopsticks allow you to cut out all the unneeded napkin usage and keep your hands free of chip dust for good. On average, Americans use more than 2,000 napkins each year. Whether you want to save the rainforest, reduce your carbon footprint, or want to save money on buying napkins, Snactiv is the answer to all your problems.

3. Keep Crumbs Out of Your Keyboard

Nobody likes a computer keyboard filled with crumbs. Snacks like Cheetos, Doritos, popcorn, and other finger foods are all enemies to a clean keyboard. But what are you supposed to do when your stomach tells you it's snack time but the clock tells you your paper’s due at midnight? No need to choose, you can do both! You’ll have no problem typing up until the last minute while indulging in that bag of Hot Cheetos calling your name. You don’t have to be a clean freak to enjoy a sparkling clean keyboard free from months of chip dust.


4. Be Lazier

You’ve got to admit it, sometimes being lazy is fun. Moving the bare minimum amount of muscles can be the best road to pure happiness. If you’re in a lazy mood (or it's a permanent state of mind), Snactiv finger chopsticks are the snacking tool made for you. Who has the energy to keep wiping your fingers on a napkin in between every bite? Who could be bothered with picking up and putting down chopsticks to keep your fingers clean? Snactiv is a convenient solution that will help support you on your laziest days. So lay back, relax, and crunch yourself to sleep without worry.

5. No More Cheesy Fingerprints

If you’ve ever experienced the joy of eating Cheetos, you’ve also experienced the tragedy of Cheeto finger stains. No matter how hard you try, those “dangerously cheesy” fingerprints leave their mark on everything you love. Your jeans become orange-tinted from wiping your hands. Your white T-shirts are permanently changed thanks to the bright-colored dust getting trapped in the fibers. And say goodbye to bright white sheets of paper! Books and documents are now decorated with your fingerprints. Instead of suffering the wrath of bright orange dust, buy Snactiv! You’ll never leave a cheesy mark on your favorite items again. (But if you start to miss the feeling, we’ve got a Cheeto Stain Simulator Tee to comfort you.)

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