If you’ve got your hands on a Snactiv, congratulations! You’re using the most innovative snack grabbing tool ever made. Those chip crumbs and dusty fingerprints are no match for you. You’re here to journey into that bag with Snactiv finger chopsticks and pull out some tasty, crispy goodness–minus the mess.

There are plenty of foods you can eat with Snactiv. The list is truly endless. But we’re going to help you narrow it down by highlighting some of the best snacks to eat while using Snactiv. No more worries about getting crumbs in your keyboard or grease on your phone screen. You can crunch to your heart's content by digging into these yummy snacks.

Add Snactiv to your snack routine now!


One of the best party snacks to have ever existed, Doritos are a solid choice for crunching. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Nacho Cheese stan or a Cool Ranch fanboy. You can pick up these chips with Snactiv and it’s a guarantee those crumbs won’t get lost between the cracks of your keyboard keys. (Or let’s be real, sprinkled throughout your bed sheets.)


Popcorn is one one of the stealthiest, messy snacks out there. To the naked eye it looks clean and inviting. But after reaching into that bowl, you’ll get caught yellow-handed with a crazy amount of butter and salt. Use Snactiv when digging into popcorn at home or even at the movie theater to dodge the butter fingers for good.

Sour Patch Kids

These mischievous candies tend to leave their mark due to being coated in sugary, sour crystals. Avoid the sticky mess altogether and keep your fingers clean by eating them with Snactiv finger chopsticks. We unfortunately can’t help you with whatever havoc these precocious kids cause otherwise, that’s on you.

Add Snactiv to your snack routine now!


These chips are known for being “dangerously cheesy” and that’s no exaggeration. They come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common–they’ll ruin your life with their clingy particles of orange dust. Cheeto dust knows how to find its way into every nook and cranny of your life. But not with Snactiv! Evict the crumbs and dig in.

French Fries

This comfort food favorite is known for its dip-ability. When you have Snactiv, you can shamelessly dip your french fries without having to worry about getting sauce on your hands. No more endless stream of napkins filled with ketchup and grease. Save some trees and choose Snactiv instead.


These tangy chips are known for staining your fingers with their bright and vibrant flavors. But you won’t need to worry about chip dust on your fingers if you’ve got our handy dandy finger chopsticks to tackle life’s biggest snacking obstacle.

Tortilla Chips

Now these may not seem too messy on the surface, but after a bowl of tortilla chips, your salt-covered fingertips will disagree. Use Snactiv to avoid getting your fingers dirty and to assist with the tortilla chip’s favorite sidekick–salsa. Whether you prefer the classic Mission Triangle or the efficient Tostitos Scoops!, we’ve got snack time covered.

Add Snactiv to your snack routine now!


Need we say more? Anyone who’s ever eaten a piece of chocolate candy knows just how monumental of a disaster can come after it. You end up with chocolate stains on everything you love. Your clothes, your phone screen, your wife, your children–all covered in chocolate! But alas, Snactiv is here to rescue you from a life of cocoa-tinged calamity.


These simple potato chips come with an oily residue that’s nearly impossible to fully wipe off of a game controller. Are they trying to sabotage us or what? Avoid the issue altogether when you hack your snacks with Snactiv finger chopsticks. Just grab, pinch, crunch, and you’re good to go. Don’t let those greasy fingers slide right into a lost round.

Hot Cheetos

Of course, we have to save the best (and most chaotic) for last. Hot Cheetos are probably the most well known for the amount of anarchy they cause after you eat them. Not only do you have to wipe off all the dust, but then your fingers are stained bright red for hours! DAYS even! This has got to come to an end. The world needs a hero, and we’re ready to save the day. Fight the evil Hot Cheeto dust by choosing to use Snactiv. Your white t-shirts will thank you.

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