Don’t you hate when you’re typing away at your keyboard and suddenly hit that one, dreaded key and–CRUNCH. You feel a rumble beneath your fingers, the key gets stuck, and now you must do the shameful deed of holding your keyboard above your head and giving it a shake. A disgusting snowfall of crumbs from snack time’s past now fall out from between your keys and onto your desk… gross. Now you’ve got a second mess to handle.

It’s kind of inevitable that snacking while typing is going to lead to crumb debris. You may psych yourself out into thinking a couple little Cheetos here and there won’t hurt–but those hundreds (let’s be real, thousands) of Cheetos do add up! Over your keyboard’s lifespan you’re destined to suffer the grab-crunch-type-shake cycle…

But wait–what if you could skip that process completely and instead avoid the crumbs in your keyboard altogether? It sounds like magic, but it’s better. It’s Snactiv!

This ingenious tool was created for hungry typers just like yourself to stop getting chip dust between your keys. The best way to solve any problem is by preventing it in the first place, and Snactiv does just that. These finger chopsticks allow you to pick up chips, crackers, cookies, or any other snacks you’re chomping down on without having to worry about pesky crumbs leftover. It’s a snack time miracle!

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Where Did Snactiv Come From?

Snactiv was invented by a team of hungry product designers as a way to keep their fingers clean during working, gaming, texting, and lounging. It was designed to fit right between your fingers so that you don’t have to deal with dirty devices and never have to stop to wipe off crumbs.

This genius product (if we do say so ourselves) was then launched via Kickstarter, which helped, well, kickstart the product. From there, Snactiv finger chopsticks started selling all around the world to snack-happy, keyboard-owning people just like you.

Things got even cooler after the team was featured on Shark Tank (Season 13, Episode 12) and the innovative product was broadcast to even more eyes across the globe. Who knew that everyone on the planet had been dirtying up their keyboards with chip dust this whole time? (We did, we knew.)

Now you can order Snactiv from our shop and use the handy dandy snacking tool while working from home, gaming from a friend’s house, or texting during a brunch buffet. It’s just that versatile!

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How Does Snactiv Prevent Crumbs in Your Keyboard?

This extremely complex utensil might be difficult to understand at first, but we believe in you. Are you ready? Okay… just slide it onto your fingers and squeeze–did you get that? Complicated, but well worth the effort!

Snactiv is actually incredibly easy to use for people of all finger shapes and sizes. It sits comfortably between your index and middle finger with two hooks beneath that wrap around to secure it. You can take Snactiv off when needed, but it easily stays on throughout all your Snactiv-ities. It’s pretty much like gaining two extra fingers, which is like, a solid feat in human evolution when you think about it.

Snactiv sits right between your fingers without requiring an endless supply of napkins to keep within arms reach. Think about how many napkins you’ll save without having to wipe off after every Hot Cheeto? That’s a monumental amount of napkins! You’ll not only be keeping your keyboard clean, but you’ll also help save the rainforest, which is almost as important.

After you’re done using Snactiv finger chopsticks, just toss it into the dishwasher and you’re good to go! Who knew that keeping crumbs out of your keyboard would be that easy? (We did, we knew. We know a lot of things.)

Purchase your own Snactiv today!

What Will I Do Without Crumbs in My Keyboard?

We know it’ll be tough to let go of those crumbs living beneath your fingers. There’s a whole ecosystem of Dorito dust that needs YOU to keep it alive, right? Wrong. We promise nothing bad will happen if you have a clean keyboard. In fact, you might even find that clean keys make you want to type even more! Instead of dodging sketchy gunk on the “;” key or weird grime on the letter “B,” you’ll be free to type completely liberated sentences like this: Baby butterflies; blue and black in the blissful, blubbering bluffs. You’re welcome.

You can get Snactiv finger chopsticks by visiting our shop or on Amazon. But beware of fakes! Everyone wants to be like us, but there’s only one Shark Tank-approved product that will help you hack your snacks. Don’t feed the imposters!

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