If you’re a fan of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, you may remember seeing a product called Snactiv–an innovative set of finger chopsticks that help you eat snacks without getting chip dust on your fingers and devices. Who knew this crummy problem had such a simple solution that sits right at your fingertips! If you’re thinking of getting Snactiv for yourself or a snacky friend, we’ve got a couple great reasons for you to pull the trigger on that purchase.

Buy a Snactiv and get to snackin'

Keeps Your Fingers Clean of Chip Dust

There’s nothing more annoying than eating a bowl of chips and finding that notorious dust stuck to your fingers. Cheetos and Doritos are some of the biggest culprits, leaving orange fingerprints on everything you own. You can skip the mess with Snactiv–your hands never even have to touch the chips! It’s time to eliminate licking your fingers for good.

Text Without Getting Fingerprints on Your Phone Screen

We may not realize it, but our phones are some of the most bacteria-filled things we touch each day. Studies have even shown that your phone can be 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat! Hopefully that’s reason enough for you to think twice about texting while eating. Not only do Snactiv finger chopsticks help you dodge the dirt, but you can also avoid those oily fingerprints on your screen. Say goodbye to wiping your camera lens before taking photos, your phone is sure to stay sparkly clean.

You Can Eat More Mindfully

We’ve all popped a bowl of popcorn and witnessed ourselves grabbing obscenely large handfuls to shove them into our mouths like monsters. Why not get Snactiv to have a more mindful eating experience? You can slow down, enjoy every bite, and make the popcorn last much longer than just the opening credits.

Buy a Snactiv and get to snackin'

Keeps Crumbs out of Your Keyboard

Nobody likes a crunchy keyboard! If you hate having letters get jammed beneath your fingers, then Snactiv will be the answer to your prayers. Using these finger chopsticks means you won’t have to worry about getting snack crumbs in between your keys. You can attach Snactiv to your hand and type as you please without a crumb of worry.

Study While You Eat

Sometimes you get so deep into study mode that there’s no time to stop for a snack break. You’ll never have to choose between knowledge and snack time again with Snactiv! You can hold your flashcards, type into your graphing calculator, and flip a page in your book without ever having to worry about dusty fingerprints left behind.

You’ll Feel More Productive

Snactiv is the multi-tasker’s best friend. There’s nothing better than getting two things done at once, and we’ve made it easy for you to do just that. You’re bound to up your productivity when you’ve got a handy dandy snacking tool right at your fingertips.

Keeps Game Controllers Free of Grease

Eating snacks while gaming go hand-in-hand. But you know what shouldn’t be on those hands? Crumbs and oils from your chips. Having a greasy game controller is the ultimate annoyance. But you can avoid the whole problem when you decide to snack with Snactiv finger chopsticks. You can comfortably hold your controller while digging into those Doritos. It’s a game changer–literally!

Buy a Snactiv and get to snackin'

Working From Home While Snacking

With almost 30 million people working from home these days, there’s undoubtedly a ton of on-the-clock snacks being consumed. If you’re used to snacking while Slacking, but hate the dusty keyboard mess left behind, you’ve got to try Snactiv! Upgrade your work-from-home office to include this essential snacking tool.

Keeps White T-Shirts White

Anyone who’s ever eaten a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos knows the struggle of leaving behind fingerprints everywhere you go. And the biggest enemy of the Hot Cheeto is of course, the white t-shirt. It’s nearly impossible to enjoy this championed snack while wearing white–until now! Eat your colorful snacks with Snactiv and you’ll never have to worry about those pesky fingerprints on your shirt again. We’ve even created our own Cheeto Stain Simulator Tee in memoriam of the grimey experience.

Snack While Playing Board Games

Snactiv happens to also be a great game night addition. Buy enough finger chopsticks for all your friends to guarantee that the Monopoly money stays free of oily stains. Don’t be afraid to put out a bowl of chips while playing–you’ll never have to worry about greasy dice, cards, or game pieces again!

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